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About us

What is Focus Media Pro LTD

Focus media Pro ltd is a local Production house formed by highly experienced staff with Professional backgrounds from various media houses in Tanzania as East Africa Television, Channel Ten and ITV. Focus media Pro ltd borders on a sharp focus and foresight to touch on all the crucial areas of mass media production, a strong initiative to explore top-notch creative production and a high level of performance that measures to international standards. Our aim is to improve production standards both locally and internationally with an aim of educating the masses. We have the technology and skills to dispense such reliance to your projects in a professional comprehensible approach.

Our Range of Service

  1. Documentary Production.

  2. Film Production.

  3. Video production.

    • Music videos

    • Seminars

    • Functions

    • TV/Radio advertisements.

  4. Radio Production - Radio Magazine, Radio Promos, Radio PSA

  5. A Link with Community Radios 

  6. Web development.

    • Standard website design

    • Extended website design

    • Promotion.

  7. Interactive Business CD

  8. Mini disc 

  9. business cards

  10. Brochures

  11. Flyers. 

  12. Digital data distribution

  13. Micro SD cards

  14. Memory Cards